Over the years, I have worked with a variety of teams and project management processes and have learned to be adaptable to the needs of a project as it happens. In many cases, different types of expertise are required for different aspects of problem-solving. The following are some highlights of the services that I offer:

Information Architecture

The design and development of digital spaces to help people find or understand information. Designing information architecture involves establishing Organization Systems, Labeling Systems, and Navigation Systems, as well as Search Systems.

Content Strategy

Content is ideated, produced, structured, and managed in any system. Content Strategy can be broken up into Content Design and Systems Design. Check out this article on Brain Traffic to read their take on Content Strategy.

Content Design

Creating the purpose and objective of the content (Editorial) and establishing the journey and environment for the content (Experience).

Systems Design

The ways in which the information is organized in a system, the rules for how it is delivered, and the categories to manage the content (Structure). This also involves establishing the process and maintenance plan through a series of policies and activities for standardizing the communication of change management (Governance).

Activities include:

  • Content audit/inventory
  • Content/domain modeling
  • Metadata schema development
  • Taxonomy/ontology development
  • Governance and maintenance plans
  • Site maps/navigation system design
  • Personalization business rules
  • Information ecosystem map
  • Content lifecycle modeling

Please contact me to discuss how these services can help you achieve your goals.

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